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AFC International Inc. has a complete line of instrumentation and sampling equipment for Industrial Hygiene applications. Whether its classical air sampling via air sample pumps and media, passive air sampling dosimeters or modern direct reading instrumentation AFC International Inc. has the best instruments available to get your job completed. We carry many of the popular manufacturers such as Draeger, Cassela, Allegro, Rae Systems, Bios International, and OHD just to name a few. We have personal air sampling pumps for VOC’s, area sampling pumps for dust’s such as hexavalent chromium, personal gas and vapor direct reading and lab analysis dosimeter badges, handheld direct reading aerosol instruments, flow calibrators as well as Draeger gas and vapor detection tubes. We have a complete line of sound level meters, noise dosimeters and octave band analyzers as well as WBGT heat stress monitors, air velocity/flow meters, light meters, radiation meters and quantitative fit testing instruments like the OHD Quantifit. AFC International Inc. prides itself in offering great products, outstanding customer service and product knowledge and we hope you will make us your instrument company of choice for you Industrial Hygiene needs.