• MultiRae-Wireless, portable multi-threat monitor
  • QRae 3-Wireless 4 Gas Monitor
  • AccuSense-Detect, Identify and Quantify
  • OHD Quantifit Respirator Fit Tester
  • Draeger Accuro Detector Tube Pump-Fast measurement for over 350 chemicals
  • BW GasAlertMax XT II-Detect LEL, Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulfide & Carbon Monoxide

Welcome to AFC International

AFC International, Inc. sells gas detection instrumentation, air sampling equipment and respiratory protection.  We specialize in portable and fixed point toxic and combustible gas detectors, gas analyzers, calibration gas and accessories and respiratory protection including SCBAs, masks and cartridges. You will find products for safety and health, industrial hygiene, environmental, hazmat, first response, weapons of mass destruction detection and firefighter protection, and many other applications.

Our focus is on unique products that are on the cutting edge of technology.  We are constantly looking for new products in order to provide you with the best equipment available so that we can meet your current and future gas detection needs.

Some of the manufacturers represented by AFC are: Advanced Calibration Designs, Aerionics/Macurco, Allegro Industries, ATI Analytical Technology, Casella USA, Colorimetric Laboratories, Crowcon Detection Instruments, Draeger, Inc, Gentex Corp (Interactive Safety Products), GfG Instrumentation, Honeywell (BW), Honeywell/RAE Systems,  Morphix Technolgoies, Nextteq, North Safety Products, OHD LLLP, Praxair/Portagas, QED Environmental Systems (Viasensor), Seer Technology, Sensit Technologies, Sensor Electronics Corp., Sundstrom Safety, and many others.


Complete range of portable and fixed gas detection products to protect people and environments against toxic and combustible gas hazards.



Complete range of air-purifying respirators, escape masks, self contained breathing apparatus, supplied air breathing systems and other respiratory protective equipment.



For questions or estimates, call 800-952-3293 or 219-987-6825. After we receive the instrument, we will contact you with an estimate for approval prior to repair.



Detect up to 21 chemicals


Dual-Hyphenated Gas Chromatography detector


No consumables


Can load the chemicals you want to detect, up to 21


AccuComm communication for transmitting data


Over 200 chemicals in the signature catalog



AFC INTERNATIONAL specializes in providing gas monitoring equipment for specific environments including confined space entry, fire hazmat, water, indoor air quality, environmental, industrial and industrial hygiene.

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